Moscow, Russia, Sat 5 Sep 2020

KaiCode is an annual one-day event held in Moscow to get together the most promising and emerging open source projects, let them share their experience, and reward the best ones, to encourage them to keep moving.



Fill out this form (until the 1st of August) and your open source project immediately gets into the list of competitors. On the 1st of August we will announce the list of 16 projects to be invited to the stage. If you will be one of them, we will pay you for the travel to Moscow (and a hotel) and will give you 15 minutes to present your baby in front of our jury. Three best projects will win and take home $5,000 each (in RUB).

In order to win your project must be:

All 16 finalists will get some non-monetary rewards.


zhangyuxin Zhang Yuxin
CTO @ Huawei Cloud

rubanov Vladimir Rubanov
CTO @ Huawei RRI

yegor Yegor Bugayenko
Lab Director @ Huawei RRI


10:00 Registration

11:00 Zhang Yuxin

11:30 Vladimir Rubanov

12:00 Yegor Bugayenko

12:30 Competition (6 projects)

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Competition (10 projects)

17:30 Keynote

18:00 The party

Submitted projects:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: I have doubts about whether you’ll discuss and think which project is good and which is bad. Will you be doing that?

A: We won’t. It will be tough to choose 16 of 100-200 projects, cause we know (and you know better) that all projects are great, and they’re all useful, simply because you were brave enough to share your creations with us. Therefore, this is the most beautiful part of this, don’t you think?

Q: I’m thinking whether I should start writing something fresh for this summit, which I think would be very-very cool and bright. Should I do that?

A: Great! Take your time until the 1st of August. We’re waiting for your submissions 24/7!

Q: I’m not from Moscow. Can I participate in spite of it?

A: It’s not a problem, closer to August we’ll help you book some nice variants to stay at night, we’re working now to get you the most comfortable place in the city (and the closest to the summit itself).

Q: Is it possible to present or attend KaiCode online?

A: Yes, it is! However, we’re hoping to see you all in real life.