19 Sep 2021: This year Yegor’s Quality Award will be partially sponsored by KaiCode. You are welcome to submit your open source project using this form and later in November a few winners will be announced. Some of them will get special monetary rewards directly from KaiCode.

14 Sep 2021: We interviewed Vitaly R. Samigullin, the author of pip-license-checker, a license compliance tool, which detects license names and types for Python PyPI packages.

25 Aug 2021: We interviewed Ilya Sher, the author of NGS-lang, a powerful programming language and a shell designed specifically for Ops. We are planning to record such interviews every week. If you want to present your project, just email us.

8 Sep 2020: All our events are postponed until further notice. Why? Because of COVID-19 situation in Moscow. We are sorry :(

27 Jun 2020: Our first kaicode meetup (16th of July) had found our guests! We decided to invite well-known project Tarantool to our meetup. This project is a good example of how huge companies like mail.ru group can collaborate with open source community. Tarantool will be represented by Sergey Ostanevich and Kirill Yukhin. Sergey Ostanevich - software architect at Mail.ru. Sergos is an engineer with more than 20 years of experience, before Mail.ru he worked at Intel and Samsung. Kirill Yukhin is an engineering team lead at Mail.ru. Kirill has big experience in the development of optimizing compilers. He was teaching in MIPT and before Mail.ru Kirill more than 10 years worked at Intel.

20 Jun 2020: The first meetup will happen on the 16th of July in Moscow. We are thinking about the first guest. If you know someone awesome with their own open source projects, send them our way.

18 Jun 2020: We created a Telegram channel @kaicode, to share the news, which we have about our events and the community we build.

26 Apr 2020: The first big event is planned on the 5th of Sep, 2020. It is supposed to get together at least 16 interesting open source project founders and let them share their experience. The best one will get a donation from Huawei (around $5,000).

22 Apr 2020: KaiCode is founded, to get together a community of open source enthusiasts and help young/emerging projects find their way to users and sponsors. KaiCode initiative is sponsored by Huawei.