KaiCode is an annual open source festival, started in 2015.

This is how it works: First, you submit your open-source product to us. Then, our jury will review it. If your product wins, we give you a monetary reward and a laurel badge that you can attach to your README file.

In order to get into the competition, your product must be:

To win, your product must demonstrate the highest quality of code and development processes. In particular, the jury pays attention to the following (in no particular order):

This doesn’t matter:

One GitHub user may submit up to three projects.

Jury members and festival organizers are also allowed to submit their projects.

We reserve the right to reject any product without explanation.


There are three nominations:

perfect Perfect Product:

excellent Excellent Product:

awesome Awesome Product:

The money will be sent to you in Bitcoins.


These programmers are in the jury (in alphabetic order of their GitHub nicknames):

alex-semenyuk @alex-semenyuk

alphamikle @alphamikle

asomsiko @asomsiko

Swastik Baranwal @Delta456

EpicStep @EpicStep

gvencadze @gvencadze

h1alexbel @h1alexbel

Ivan Ivanchuk @l3r8yJ

Max Petrov @mximp

Gleb Alfutin @MowlCoder

Natalia Pozhidaeva @pnatashap

SlDo @SlDo

Sunagatov @Sunagatov

Vatavuk @Vatavuk

Each member of the jury reviews up to four projects. In each review we expect to see “good”, “average”, or “bad” mark in front of every quality dimension listed above. The sum of all marks constitute the final mark of a project.

We are still forming the jury. If you are interested in joining, please email us.

Important Dates

Project submission:
31 May 2024 (Anywhere on Earth)

Authors notification:
1 July 2024

How to Submit

Submission is closed. See you next year.


We received 412 applications (excluding duplicates and broken submissions).

Then, we semi-automatically split the list into three groups. The first group contained 318 repositories that didn’t match the criteria of the competition or were obviously not qualified for the winning (we created a software that calculated repository age, size, the presence of CI, the number of issues, pull requests, commits, etc):

The second group consisted of 68 repositories that were manually reviewed by one of jury members and were classified as “not enough quality” to compete for the trophy:

The third group contained 26 repositories, which we considered as candidates for the prize:

If you, for some reason, disagree with the classification explained above and believe that your project deserves to be in the third group, please email us. We will manually review your repository and maybe will change our decision.

Now, we asked our jury members to review the third group. We are currently waiting for their feedback…


yegor256 @yegor256

We are still forming the board of sponsors. If you are interested in joining, please email us.


These people organize KaiCode (in alphabetic order):

maxonfjvipon @maxonfjvipon

volodya-lombrozo @volodya-lombrozo

yegor256 @yegor256

If you are ready to help, please email.